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Theraputic Massage

This traditional massage technique incorporates numerous flowing strokes with varied pressure to soothe both your tired tissues and mind, while increasing circulation and lymphatic flow. This is an excellent treatment for overall relaxation and rejuvenation.

Prenatal Massage

Rejuvenation for mother and baby! After the first trimester, massage is recommended to help address common tensions, such as headaches, low back pain, leg and foot soreness, swelling and edema, as well as the surprise aches and pains which often accompany pregnancy. Allow me to assist you in adapting and accommodating the new, dynamic life in your body.

Hot Stone Massage

Heated basalt river stones serve as extensions of your therapist's hands, delivering effective pressure and concentrated centers of heat, melting tissues beneath. Organic essential oils combine with penetrating warmth to create a truly unique experience that will tantalize your senses and leave a deeply healing effect on your body, mind, and soul.

Deep Tissue Sports Massage

For those needing relief from severe or chronic muscle tension, headaches, injuries, or sports related aches and pains, or if you simply tend to prefer a more firm massage, deep tissue can address your specific needs.
Perfect for golfers, gardeners, horseback riders, football players, etc

Mobile In-HomeĀ  Massage

This allows me to come to your home or place of preference to set up and give you the gift of massage without leaving the house. It is nice for busy people on the go and allows you to relax afterward.

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