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By: Stevefowler5 | October 05, 2015

Massage Therapy for Spectators and Participants at the Tryon Equestrian Center In the Landrum and Tryon area we find a large number of equestrians who, rightly, take the very best care of their horses.

How many of them take the same care with their own health?

Since our profession is Massage Therapy, we are looking for opportunities to demonstrate the advantages of regular massage.

The nature of modern massage therapy has gone from simple manipulation of the muscles as practiced in the old days to including advantages for the mind and soul as well.

Balancing Horse and Rider in Stillwater, OK lists many of the benefits they think the rider can glean from massage.

They include:

·Exercise and stretch weak, tight, or atrophied muscles

  • Increase joint flexibility
  • Reduce spasms and cramping

These benefits of massage are exactly what you would expect. Nothing new. But look at some of the other benefits they enumerate that are more oriented toward mind and soul.

  • Release endorphins—amino acids that work as the body's natural painkiller
  • Lessen depression and anxiety
  • Relieve migraine pain

Whether you are an active equestrian student studying at one of the fine riding schools in Landrum,SC or Tryon,NC or you are a member of the Tryon Hunt Club and ride long distances on cold mornings, consider the above benefits of therapeutic massage for you, the rider.

Now that the Tryon Equestrian Center is operating, we are happy to extend a warm welcome to the spectators and participants. If you are from another city or another country, welcome, to Tryon and allow us to make your visit even better.

We can offer packages that reduce the cost enabling you to generously pamper yourself as much as you do your horse.

Peace of Mind Massage Serving the Tryon Equestrian Center, Columbus NC, Tryon NC, Landrum SC, Greer SC.

By: Stevefowler5 | October 01, 2015

Massage Therapy used as an Employee Incentive or Employee Reward
Say "Thank You" to a colleague or employee.

hot stone massage is a wonderful reward to give ourselves. 

Not only does does a nice massage feel good but according to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota massage can help relieve anxiety, insomnia, headaches and digestive disorders. 

Now that we agree that any one of the different massage modalities can be relaxing and physically helpful, did you ever think that a nice Swedish Massage would be the perfect reward for a job well done?

Let's face it many jobs are repetitive, strenuous, stressful or boring. As a thoughtful employer wouldn't it buy a lot of good will and improve morale to offer a professional massage as an employee reward or incentive for a job well done?

We at Peace of Mind Massage particularly like to emphasize to employers near Tryon, NC, Landrum, SC, Greer SC and Glassy Mountain, SC that we are available to help with good employer - employee relations. Furthermore, for those who work late in the evening in fields like restaurant operations, law enforcement and  grocery store operations, we will gladly schedule a massage for you after you end your work for the day.

When I was in the U.S. Army stationed in South Korea I can't tell you how nice it would have been to have had massage available on post and to have been rewarded with one for long periods of duty and stressful combat exercises. Massage may not really be very practical for a fighting unit but for those waitresses and kitchen staff who make your restaurant a success, it most certainly is not only available but easily provided and affordable. 

Business owners in Tryon and Greer can also take advantage of our massage quantity discounts which make giving these rewards less expensive.  

So, employers establish an "employee of the week" or offer a goal that the reaching of which qualifies the successful colleague the gift that feels great and, as reported by the Mayo Clinic, can actually improve health. We KNOW it will improve morale. Either of those things help promote better attention to detail, a better attitude and better attendance. All of those  ultimately, help you!

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By: Stevefowler5 | August 05, 2015

Steve and Casey Fowler

I find that I am lazy. Any good excuse can divert my attention from going to the gym or running outside. It is especially true if I find myself traveling a lot.

In order to provide that extra motivation to do the exercise I need so desperately, I made a deal with myself. For each week that I follow my exercise schedule, with little or no deviation, I will reward myself with a Swedish Massage from Peace of Mind.

Running  at my age is especially tiring. I find that my muscles are tight and sore. Missy has a strong knowledge of muscle anatomy  and is especially experienced with sports related massage. I find that I feel like a totally different person when I leave her studio.

There are many very qualified massage therapists in the Upstate of South Carolina in general and Landrum, Greer, Glassy & Columbus NC in particular. The fee structure at Peace of Mind massage allows me to indulge in a massage more often than I would be able to do otherwise.

Steve Fowler